frequently asked questions

Why letterpress?

Letterpress is a relief print method which, when combined with suitable papers, gives an unmistakable look and feel. Letterpress can add an arcane, handcrafted quality to any project.

Are you the Glasgow Press established by Robert & Andrew Foulis in 1742?

No, we were first established in 1870 as 'The Govan Printing Company' and have been owned by the same family since 1962. Moved from Govan in the 1970s, hence the name change. They say that every printer was trained by someone who was trained by someone . . . who was trained by Gutenberg, so we like to think that we share the same ethos as many of the early printing pioneers in the UK.

Do you publish books?
We occasionally print books for clients, but we are, on the whole, a jobbing printer. Most of our production would be termed as ephemera, ie that which is created to exist or be used for only a short time. We like to think that the distinctive quality of letterpress print will increase the impact or extend the life of any message produced in this way.

Isn't letterpress very expensive?
This is a common misconception - letterpress does take a little longer than conventional offset lithography and is usually used on fine papers which can add a little to the cost. We feel that the value which letterpress adds more than compensates for the small additional expense. Please allow us to quote on a project - you may well find yourself pleasantly surprised.

Which fonts can you print in?
Whilst we have many lead and wood fonts, the vast majority of our work is printed from photopolymer plates produced inhouse from supplied client files. We can therefore print in any font you'd like.